@MKETwestival is TODAY & @NorthShoreBank is donating $1/Tweet #MKETwestivalCares
24 March 2011

Tomorrow is MKETwestival
23 March 2011

Thanks to all our sponsors and the people that working on Twestival 2011. It's not too late to retweet this & raise both money & awareness for Independence First, The resource for people with disabilities. Now spread the word & let's have some fun! - Ryan Thompson

Up to 5000 reasons to donate to MKE Twestival 2011!
16 March 2011


Hi folks!
"Twestival is 1 week away and Carol, the director of our sponsored charity, Independence First has a message for you!
Make a contribution and have a direct impact on kids lives. Read on to see what kind of impact you could have! Thanks for the interest & passing this along!" -Ryan
About IndependenceFirst:
NEW video about IndependenceFirst:

Social media:
Youth Programs -
Wheelchair sports opportunities for youth:  http://www.independencefirst.org/services/sports.html

Youth-oriented video:
See Youth services video from IndependenceFirst here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqV2VPzG0vU
See Adaptive Waterskiing video with youth and adult participants:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbOAMe-JvRA
Fundraising info for our Youth Programs.

$5 would pay for 1 youth to eat breakfast at the Youth Leadership Summit

$10 would pay for 1 youth to ride the bus to and from the Youth Leadership Summit for the whole week

$20 would pay for paper and markers for the GirlsFirst support group to participate in a group activity on one day

$50 would pay for learning materials for a whole semester of Safe Relationships, Safe Places (education program for youth with disabilities about internet and personal safety)

$100 would pay for supplies for an entire GirlsFirst peer support group (girls ages 9-14) semester session

$250 would pay for all the mailings needed to have a successful Disability Mentoring Day (matches 150+ High School and College Youth with disabilities with employers in their career field of interest in October)

$500 would pay for GirlsFirst peer support group to attend a social dinner event, meeting other youth and participating in their community.

$1,000 would pay for an entire advocacy event for youth to go to the capital in Madison to meet their legislators and participate in an advocacy training

$2,500 would pay for stipends for 25 youth participants in the Youth Leadership Summit

$5,000 would pay for the creation of an entirely new Youth project at IndependenceFirst

 For More Info, contact:

Carol Pritzlaff Voss
Public Relations & Marketing Director
540 S. 1st St.
Milwaukee, WI 53204


IndependenceFirst is Metro Milwaukee’s primary resource on access and independent living for people with disabilities.

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